29 April 2014

Brian Boru Millennium Celebration

Funeral of Brian Boru   

After his death at the battle of Clontarf on Good Friday, 1014, Brian Boroimhe, High King of Ireland, was buried ‘on the north side of the great church’ at Armagh.  The Church of Ireland Cathedral of St Patrick, which stands on the site, incorporates a memorial tablet in its north wall.  A service will be held to mark the millennium of the burial of Brian Boroimhe on Sunday 27th April 2014 at 3.15 p.m. In this service, the Cathedral aimed to reflect on the historic tragedy and highlight the significance for the Island of today.

Based on the Anglican liturgy of Choral Evensong, the service will be ecumenical in character, including both commemoration of the burial and prayer for the Ireland of today.  Mark Patrick Hederman, OSB, Abbot of Glenstal, will preach.

A few of the folks who attended the ecumenical service St. Patrick's Cathedral. 

Villagers of Louth and Inniskeen, re-enacted the funeral cortége of Brian Boru as it processed from St. Mochta's Abbey in Louth village along the folk-lored laneways to the fording of the river Fane at the monastic ruins and round tower of St. Daig's at Inniskeen. Some 200 people gathered yesterday the 27th April 2014 in Medieval costume of Gaels and Religious of 1014 A.D., to re-enact Brian Boru's funeral cortége procession from Clontarf to Armagh, a stage of which processed between the Abbey of Louth and the river fording at Inniskeen.

Photograph shows Louth Village schoolchildren on the fairgreen with re-enactors.
Shaun O'Bryne]

The Crown of Brian Boru

The new crown.

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