02 March 2014

Millennium festival remembering King Brian Boru

It has been almost two years since I last posted about the summer Olympics and the story of an O'Brien Olympian. I had background trouble with this post and I was reluctant to do another. Yet the celebration of the death of my progenitor and who's the subject of this blogspot is nearly here. Odd to be celebration the death of somebody, but Brian is considered the only Irish King whoever united the various provincial kingdoms and clans of Ireland under one king, even though it lasted just over two years past a decade. This celebration will come the 23 April 2014, will mark a thousand years since the battle of Clontarf outside of Norse Dublin, and the death of King Brian. In just six weeks begins the festival. To learn more about this unique festival click here http://www.brianborumillennium.ie/ .

This festival year is unique in that many artist of all the genres are creating music, songs, and art concerning King Brian. Such events as:
One such artist is Warren Faye, who painted twelve scenes from the life of Brian, from boy to his death, have been combined into a calendar for 2014, which can be seen in its entirety and a copy purchased at the following http://warrenfaye.com/section/380432_Brian_Boru.html . A few of his paintings are posted below.

As for myself I can't attend this wonderful event and historical moment, but I can post about it here and I shall be there (Emerald Isle) in spirit.

Slainte Mhagh,
Garaidh O Briain

Paintings by Warren Faye

Tadgh protects a wounded Brian in his youth.

In a period of relative peace, Brian and his eldest son Murchadh share a quiet moment on the west coast of Clare. It is 1004 A.D.
The old King Brian hears of Maol Mordha's plans against him, Sigurd, The Great Orkney Earl, has mobilised his armies. Brian the veteran general contemplates his last great battle.
Murchadh the warrior taunts the enemy and tempts his fate at the battle of Clontarf on Good Friday in the year 1014 A.D.

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