27 August 2011

Irish Pedigrees: O'Brien - Barons & Earls Inchiquin (#5)

From Irish Pedigrees; or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation, by John O'Hart

DONOGH, the youngest brother of Dermod, who is No. 122 on the "O'Brien" (Marquis of Thomond) pedigree, was the ancestor of this branch of that family:

122. Donogh; the third son of Murrough, the first Earl of Thomond; d. 1582. His father assigned to him the Castles and lands of Dromoland, Leamanagh, Ballyconnelly, Corcumroe, etc.; m. Slaine, dau. of John MacNamara Fionn, of Crathloe, and had one son and two daughters:
I. Connor, of whom presently.
I. Margaret.
II. Finola, who m. Uaithne O'Loughlin, of Moyrin, in Clare.

123. Connor (who d. in 1603), of Leamanagh: son of Donogh; m. Slaine, dau. of Sir Turlogh O'Brien, of Dough Castle, and had a son:

124. Donogh (2), who was knighted by King Charles I, and who d. in 1634. This Donogh m. Honoria, dau. of Richard Wingfield, an ancestor of the Viscounts Powerscourt, and had three sons and one daughter:
I. Connor, of whom presently.
II. Donogh, of Tobbermaile.
III. Murrough, who m. Hannah, dau. of his kinsman Turlogh O'Brien of Cluonan, and had a son named Teige.
I. Margaret, who m. Turlogh, son of Teige O'Brien of Dromore.

125. Connor (2), of Leamanagh, who d. 1651: the eldest son of Donogh; m. Mary (Marie Rua), dau. of Sir Turlogh MacMahon, and had two sons and two daughters:
I. Sir Donogh, of whom presently.
II. Teige, who m. the dau. of Captain Edward Fitzgerald, of Carrigowrane.
I. Honoria, who married Donogh O'Brien, of Dough.
II. Mary, who m. Donogh MacNamara.
Leamanagh Castle

Marie Rua nee MacMahon

Sir Donogh O'Brien 1st Baronet
126. Sir Donogh, of Leamanagh and Dromoland: son of Connor; d. 1717. Was created a Baronet on the 9th of Nov., 1686. He was twice married: first, to Lucia, dau. of Sir George Hamilton, by whom he had a son Lucius, of whom presently; and secondly, to Eliza, dau. of Major Deane, by whom he had:
II. Henry.
I. Honoria.
II. Elizabeth.


Dromoland Castle
127. Lucius: son of Sir Donogh by his first marriage; d. (before his father) in 1717; m. Catherine, dau. of Thomas Keightley, of Hertfordshire, and had two sons and two daughters:
I. Sir Edward, of whom presently.
II. Thomas.
I. Anne.
II. Lucia.

Sir Edward O'Brien, 2nd Baronet
128. Sir Edward, of Dromoland, M.P.: son of Lucius; was the second Baronet; d. 1765. Sir Edward m. Mary, dau. of Hugh Hickman, of Fenloe, and had:
I. Sir Lucius‑Henry, of whom presently.
II. Donogh.
III. Edward.
I. Henrietta.
II. Anne.
III. Mary.
IV. Catherine, who m. Charles MacDonnell, of New Hall, near Ennis.
V. Lucia.

Sir Lucius O'Brien, 3rd Baronet
129. Sir Lucius‑Henry, of Dromoland, M.P., the third Baronet: son of Sir Edward; d. 1795; m., in 1768, Nichola, dau. of Robert French, of Monivea Castle, in the co. Galway, M.P., and had:
I. Sir Edward, of whom presently.
II. Lucius.
III. Robert.
IV. Donogh.
V. Henry.
I. Nichola.
II. Henrietta.
III. Catherine.
IV. Lucy.
V. Anna‑Maria.
VI. Charlotte.

Sir Edward O'Brien, 4th Baronet
130. Sir Edward, of Dromoland, the fourth Baronet, who d. in 1837; son of Sir Lucius‑Henry; m. in 1799, Charlotte, dau. of William Smith, of Cahirmoyle, Newcastle West, in the county Limerick, and had:
I. Sir Lucius, of whom presently.
II. William Smith O'Brien, M.P. (b. 17th Oct., 1803; d. 18th June, 1864), heir to the estates of his maternal grandfather William Smith; the "Wallace" of his country, who, on the 19th Sept., 1832, m. Lucy‑Caroline (d. 13th June, 1861), eldest dau. of Joseph Gabbett, Esq., of Limerick, and, besides a daughter Charlotte‑Grace (living in 1887), the good and philanthropic Miss C. G. O'Brien, of Emigration fame in Ireland, had Edward‑William, J.P., (b. 23rd Jan., 1837, and living in 1887), of Cahirmoyle, co. Limerick. William Smith O'Brien d. in Wales, but his remains were brought to Ireland and interred at Rathronan, co. Limerick.
III. Edward.
IV. Robert.
V. Henry.
Sir Edward's daughters were:
I. Granna (or Grace).
II. Anne.
III. Harriet.
IV. Catherine.
V. Leney.

Sir Lucius O'Brien, 5th Baronet
131. Sir Lucius, of Dromoland, the fifth Baronet, and thirteenth Baron of Inchiquin: son of Sir Edward; b. 1800, d. 1872; m. twice: first, Mary, dau. of William Fitzgerald, Esq., of Adelphi, co. Clare, by whom he had one son and three daughters:
I. Edward‑Donogh, of whom presently.
I. Juliana‑Cecilia, b. 1839.
II. Charlotte‑Anne, b. 1840.
III. Mary‑Grace, b. 1848.

Sir Lucius was secondly m. (on 25th Oct., 1854) to Louisa, dau. of James Finucane, Esq.
132. Edward Donogh O'Brien, of Dromoland, the sixth Baronet, and the fourteenth "Baron Inchiquin": son of Sir Lucius; b. 1837; living in 1887. 
Sir Edward O'Brien, 6th Baronet

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